Your everyday genious

Let's get married.

           Art: Banksy

Twin Peaks remake

It's the final episode all over again.

            Photo: Wendy Bevan

Best tv-show ever brought to new life by Bevan and Olga Sherer.

"She who dies with the most toys, still dies"

Yeah right.

         Photo: Peter Farago
         Design: Helena Hörstedt

It might not be about consuming, but it still consumes you.

Your everyday muse

        Valentine Fillol Cordier; Daring has always been inspiring.

Fashion tale

    Fashion: Naomi Itkes

Fairy tale brought to life.

"One world we melt in to one"

     Photo: Marcus Palmqvist

    Genious design by graduate Frida Hofslagare from
                     Beckmans school of design.

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